Did you know that your mind can cause physiological changes to occur within your body & alter your health? Yes, in real life!  Psychosomatic Disorders, also known as mind (psyche) & body (soma) diseases, are characterized by symptoms of physical illness that are initiated & intensified by mental triggers. What are these mental triggers you ask? You can say them with me, STRESS & ANXIETY!

To make things more interesting, psychosomatic symptoms can be quite severe & cause serious problems in an otherwise healthy individual. For example, a person could be experiencing symptoms of a stroke, heart-attack, even pregnancy *sips tea* due to a surge of nerve impulses & adrenaline to the brain. That’s it! Most Psychologists agree that there is no clear “cure” for Psychosomatic Diseases but I disagree. The path to a clear & confident mind starts with mantras, then music, and always ends with movement. See, what I did there?

Mantras, or affirmations, are short but sweet utterances that allow the mind to focus on something positive & uplifting. For over 3000 years, Mantras have been increasing confidence, manifesting love, neutralizing doubt, displaying gratitude, & the list is continued for numerous people from all walks of life. Most importanly, THERE IS NO CO-PAY! Yep, it’s all free & on your time! Clearing your mind but not your pockets sounds like a #WIN in everyway. My favorite time to chant a mantra is at night, right before I close my eyes. Affirming peaceful things before bed allows my mind to unwind by focusing on absolutely nothing. Bliss.

Nevertheless, being in tune with your body is the key to overall health. So, listen to what it is trying to tell you when you start having aches and pains. Remember, your body is extremely savvy at taking care of itself. In fact, your body corrects cellular mutations DAILY. It’s doing it right now. You are already equipped to handle anything life throws at you. So, relaaaaax and “trust the process” ,along with your body, by trying out a few of  these affirmations/mantras for common illness below. I pray they help you to become more aware of your day-to-day choices & nourish your mind. Exhale & Carpe Diem.


Problem Area

Spiritual Meaning Healing Affirmation


Dislike for one’s self-image, not seeing your individual beauty

I love and accept me for me.


Distrust and control of the natural order of life

I trust the process. I am safe.

Lower Back Pains

Guilt, feeling overloaded, stress, financial stress

I am doing everything I can and all I need will be taken care of. I can relax.


Anger, sense of helplessness

I let go of my fears and don’t believe in limitations. I create my own life.


Self-criticism, failure to accept current situations

I am loving and approving of myself and look at things with love.

Weight Issues

Lack of emotion protection, struggling with insecurity, running away from feelings

I create my own security. I love and approve of myself


“Inhale the good shit, Exhale the bullshit”

– Erykah Badu