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“Lavender” Personalities

The following are the qualities and action words associated with Lavender personalities:

Physical Fragile, weak physical body, look like angels or fairies, pale skin, artistic, often ungrounded or unrealistic, dreamland
Emotional Sensitive, enchantment, insecure, aloof, live in their own dream world, don’t like confrontations and harsh reality
Mental XX Imaginative, artistic, creative thinkers,  visionary, idealistic, ideals and intuitions, fantasy, dreams, visualization
Spiritual XX Mystical, higher dimensions, meditative  state, angels, fairies
Motivation Experiencing dreams and fantasies, mental and spiritual creative
Mission / Vision Express their imagination and dreams into  physical reality
Growth X Uncontrolled, imaginative, from inside out
Exercise Grounding exercises, Qui Gong,  gardening, walking, nature
Recharge Battery X Connect with spiritual energy, creative expressions, like painting
Communication X Strong inner communication, contact with inner worlds, higher dimensional beings, fantasy figures, angels
Interaction Unpredictable, follow their inner clock,  unstructured, spontaneous
Relationships Loners, need freedom, mainly relationship with inner world, social
Social, Friends Unconventional, but interesting individuals, few close friends
Sex, Intimacy X Creative, light, experimental, transcendent
Money Security, unreal concept, difficult to handle
Success How imaginative, creative they are
Occupation Artistic, imaginative work, need own pace and time schedule
Career Creative artists, writers, spiritual teachers, dreams stay alive
XX – Most dominant; X – Important; blank – Routine


Lavenders prefer living in their own fantasy and dream world. Enchantment, myths, inner “higher” dimensions of existence, angels and fairies are all concepts which fill a Lavenders mind. They spend most of their time out of their bodies in a world of imagination.

Lavenders are mentally free to explore new possibilities, concepts and realities.¬† Their minds function without any limitations. Whatever they can imagine is possible and real. This unique ability allows them to produce new, creative and often “far out” ideas. Lavenders believe in “Life as a fantasy land, where dreams come true.”

Lavenders can perceive energies through their unique and sensitive inner senses.¬† Many Lavenders have the ability able to “see” other dimensions and worlds and experience other realities. This allows them to communicate with higher dimensions and perceive ideas, concepts and imaginations far beyond most people’s understanding. They also have¬† access to spiritual and etheric energies, which they might use for healing.

These fantasy oriented personalities enjoy soft, meditative music, wind chimes, candles, incense, meditation and the rhythmic sounds of chanting. They enjoy any sound, color, texture or environment which can inspire their imaginations, help them leave their bodies or help them move toward a etheric state of mind.

Lavenders can be entertaining as well as educational. With their colorful imagination and  higher perception they can guide us into a land of fantasy and enchantment. In-power Lavenders are wonderful story tellers, writers or artists. They have the talent to describe and visualize worlds of magic and mystical places where spirits and fairies reside.

Lavenders can take us beyond our limited, harsh reality into a world filled with possibilities. They need to be free without physical, emotional or mental limitations. They need to fly with the wind, to be able to change into any direction at their own will. They feel an urge and a pull to experience their inner dimensions. They feel that their intuition and inner guidance, which they sometimes refer to as “guardian angel,” will support them on their way.

Lavenders see life as a magical world of adventure, filled with fairies, spirits, angels and other “unreal” phenomena. They are here to stimulate humanities imagination, to inspire our sense of wonder and keep the idea of magic alive in us all.

Lavenders do not have strong physical bodies. As a result of living more in their inner world then in physical reality, they dislike being confronted with reality. Physical reality, as most people perceive it, seems cold, harsh, even brutal. Therefore they seek environments or  situations where life is light, easy, pretty and enchanting.

Lavenders don’t have the same concept of reality as most other people. In their mind and their fantasy they can produce and create any form of reality. To them this imaginative reality is an existing plane where dreams come true. Our beliefs, thoughts and imaginations play a vital role in creating our physical reality. “Energy follows thought,” is one of the fundamental rules in human cosmology. Lavender personalities understand this concept and are able to use their imaginations and thoughts to create and change realities.

When in power, Lavenders can use their creative talents to show people the unlimited possibilities of other realms. They have the ability to transform their visions into works of art which can enhance the lives of their fellow beings. They need to be with people who can see the potential in their ideas and are capable of forming plans and taking action with them. Lavenders are able to inspire and stimulate other color personalities to produce new and futuristic, sometimes unreal products and ideas.

Lavenders live by their feelings and intuition, rather than by their intellect. They have a very intuitive and creative way of thinking. They have difficulty processing analytical, rigid and structured concepts or beliefs. They want to be free to explore their imaginations and experience other realities.

Lavenders physical bodies are sensitive, fragile and frail and their physical appearance is often weak and pale. They have no interest or plans for physical activities such as hard work or even sports. Staying in their mental, intuitive fantasy land is often enough by itself.

Lavenders are sensitive beings. Their soft and fragile physical bodies aren’t capable of dealing with many real life situations. Their inner senses of higher sensory perception can be overloaded easily. Therefore, Lavenders need to be aware of their sensitive nervous system and take appropriate precautions.

They need to organize their environment to the point of finding peace and harmony. When that is accomplished they will be able to stay in contact with higher dimensions and will also be powerful communicators, teaching us about the land of fantasy and imagination. If Lavenders stay grounded in physical reality and have a good contact with their physical body, they are powerful spiritual beings using the art of imagination and visualization.

Lavenders who are out of power prefer daydreaming and escaping reality. As a result of spending most of their time living in another world, it is difficult for them to describe their experiences and imaginations. Unbalanced Lavenders cannot bring back their dreams and share them with their friends. They keep their inner world and stories to themselves because they do not feel the need for expression. They are forgetful and scattered.  Their visions and ideas seem unrealistic and illusionary to most other people.

Because they have a hard time differentiating between fantasy and reality, they have a tendency of being spacy and forgetful. Many people, on a regular basis, tell Lavenders that they are completely unrealistic. If a friend of yours often seems to be spacy and just not present, not quite in tune with reality, it is likely he is in a Lavender state of mind.

Most out-of-power Lavenders have difficulty functioning in the real world. They don’t like dealing with day-to-day business activities such as paying their bills, shopping or meeting many people. However, they often require others to support them. They can be like frightened rabbits, running into another dimension to escape this “hard” reality called life.

Many unbalanced Lavenders float in a land between reality and dream. They have strange ideas and perceptions about body, mind and spirit. They need to be aware of the difference between the different planes of existence. Physical reality functions through certain scientific laws which cannot be overcome or overridden by imagination or dreaming. However, in their world of fantasy, these laws might not be valid and anything continues to be possible.

Lavenders are able to visualize or imagine what God might look like. They have access to higher dimensions where reality takes on many different forms and structures. If they learn to stay grounded and focused, they will experience and communicate with God. As a result, Lavenders are good spiritual teachers and are able to support and help others in their personal and spiritual growth. When Lavenders find their spiritual purpose and connection, they can become psychic counselors and therapists. They are free thinkers. They do not wish to be involved in any rigid, spiritual or religious belief or philosophy. Even if they search for spiritual practices and groups, they rarely connect with them on a deeper level.


On one hand, Lavenders are well liked by society because they are stimulating, creative and filled with wonder and imagination. They are especially accepted and appreciated if they find themselves in artistic or performing professions. On the other hand, Lavenders are sometimes irresponsible, unreliable and difficult to be around.

They have a tendency of being forgetful and they also have bad memories. Lavenders will forget appointments or decide to change their plans without giving notice to their partners or friends. It is common behavior for a Lavender to get up from their chair, go into another room, and then recognize they have forgotten why. Or, they drive their car for ten minutes without noticing where they are going. Many friends, partners and associates cannot get used to this unpredictable behavior. Lavenders often feel guilty or inadequate because they are aware of their unorthodox and sometimes unconventional behavior.

Most out-of-power Lavenders try to adjust to societies rules and regulations. But they must understand that by adjusting to what they consider to be societies illusion, and not following their own intuition and guidance, will leave them with feelings of unhappiness and sadness. Their mind and their imagination are always free and cannot be trapped or caught up into a small and limited reality.


Lavenders need strong and understanding partners in their relationships. Because Lavenders have difficulty with reality and are not very grounded, they have a hard time offering any sort of stability to a relationship. If they are treated with gentleness and kindness they will in turn be gracious, sensitive, appreciative and dedicated mates.

At first, their mates are attracted to and fascinated by the imaginative Lavenders.  However, most of those mates quickly learn that they are living with a fragile and sensitive butterfly who is sometimes present and sometimes not. Their loved ones can eventually find the Lavenders innocence and creative imagination both endearing and lovable.

Lavenders do not necessarily need the closeness of others. Nor do they need emotional or social nurturing from friends or family. They need enough space around them, without restrictions or obligations, to give them the freedom to live in their own world. Relationships are not a primary issue because living in their dream and fantasy world is quite fulfilling.

Lavenders are experimental and creative in love making and like to fantasize during sex. They often leave their bodies and drift into other dimensions. Making love can be a spiritual and etheric experience for them. If a Lavenders partner is sensitive, caring and playful, they will enjoy sex and return much love to their partner.

Because of their fragile physical and emotional system, Lavenders are often careful with their sexuality. It is a very intense and powerful experience and can easily create emotional traumas. On the other side to stay centered they need to understand the importance of relationships, sexuality and their physical, emotional body. A healthy sex life will allow them to feel their physical body but still be connected with their dream and fantasy world. Relationships are a wonderful mirror for Lavenders. They reflect their ability to stay centered and grounded in physical reality.

Lavenders might be attracted to all physical color types but in reality they will have difficulties in creating a lasting relationship. Reds, Deep-Reds, Orange and Yellow personalities are doers, they want to be physical active and creative. But a Lavender feels more comfortable exploring ideas in their own mind. Physical action is way to much work. Yellow-Browns are too realistic and mental for the imaginative and artistic Lavender.

Lavenders love the playfulness of Yellow personalities. Greens and Deep- Greens enjoy communicating with Lavenders and like their mental activity and vivid imagination. Blues and Lavenders generally make a good match but occasionally lack the direction and strength to make a relationship work. Violets and Crystals have a lot in common with the imaginative and spiritual oriented Lavender personality.

If Lavenders find enough freedom and support in a relationship they will be loving and creative partners.


Lavenders will be found wherever creative imagination, fantasy and free thinking is needed. As writers, actors or artists they are free to explore their creativity and produce their fantasy and dreams into reality. Through their visual and imaginative styles they have the unique ability to take people into a fantasy world which is alive with feelings, sensations and sounds. In healing and therapy, Lavenders are able to use both their psychic and spiritual experiences and their knowledge of the mind and the inner worlds to help and support others.

Lavenders solve their problems by being creative and inventive. Because they are imaginative and inventive they sometimes come up with unorthodox and unrealistic solutions. However, they often need others to finish the job. They are perfect in finding creative solutions but are often too etheric to do physical work. They don’t like to get their hands dirty.

When Lavenders are out of power they don’t want to confront themselves with problems at all. They escape into their fantasy world and simply wish to not be bothered. Lavenders are creative and intuitive problem solvers but too much mental work, thinking and analyzing, can easily overload their sensitive system.

Lavenders have difficulty in dealing with the physical reality of money. They are not good at earning money but when they do it is usually spent just as quickly. They like to be supported by others but still must confront themselves with the day-to-day reality of making a living and creating prosperity. Lavenders need to learn to bring their imagination and focus into the handling of their financial situations.

Lavenders do not like positions of leadership or occupations which involve demanding, hard and stressful work. They are pleasant and friendly and work best in low stress, quiet environments. They do not prefer regular, office jobs or analytical, mental occupations. They should find activities where they can integrate their creative imagination and fantasies.

Typical “Lavender” occupations are: Storyteller, artist, writer, mime, actor, dancer, designer, decorator, teacher, dreamer, spiritual teacher or healer


To stay in power, Lavenders need to understand the importance of physical reality.  We were born on this planet to experience and learn to live within a three dimensional, physical world. As long as they are courageous enough to face the real world and to stay in their bodies they will live a joyous and imaginative life. They have a need to explore and live out their fantasies and imaginations, but they also need to live and express their visions in the real world.

Lavenders need to escape into their dream world for the same reason most people need to sleep. They need time to relax so that they are free to dream, fantasize and play with their imaginations. It helps them unwind and recuperate from the stress of the world.  Creating a peaceful environment where they are free to spend lots of time to think, imagine and create new dream and fantasy worlds is essential for Lavenders.

Meditation and visualization are  familiar concepts to them. But they also need to confront themselves with their personal power, their ability to express and live their own creativity, and their own strength. The more Lavenders are able to ground themselves, the more they will make their ideas and imaginations a reality.

Lavenders are not very attached to their bodies. Because they have a tendency of being so ungrounded, they need to take care of their physical temple on a regular basis.  Physical exercise, such as walking, gardening, connecting with the soil, swimming and other subtle forms of physical activity, will help Lavenders stay in contact with their body.  Staying grounded in their physical body means also a healthy life.

To create balance they need to live consciously in their imaginations. But they also need to come back into their bodies and into reality. Using imagination for healing is a powerful tool for Lavenders to heal both themselves and others.

Lavenders love creating a “holy and divine” atmosphere and space with incense, candles, lights, colors and music to support their experience of imagination, inspiration and spiritual insights.

As long as Lavenders use their ability of seeing other dimensions and worlds and use their imaginative thinking to create new ideas, concepts and forms, they will be happy and content and will have a supportive and helping influence on our planet.

Source: http://allaurasandchakras.com

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