As humans, we are functioning in the 49th Octave of Vibration. Below this range is visible heat and “invisible” infrared waves, television waves, sound, and brain waves. Our “Auric” field and subtle energies are colored by our personal strengths, weaknesses, health, happiness,love/hate, and how we cooperate with our spiritual life. If you remember that you are a beam of light you will be more open, understanding, and vital to the Earth.

Seeing the human aura is a gift that you are either born with or achieved by spiritual discipline. The aura is made up of various morsels of energy that vibrate on different frequencies to produce a colored light. In adulthood, we are limited in the ability to see colored light energies. Children probably have a greater chance of seeing our auras.

I’m jealous.

Our energy fields appear as an oval around the body & consist of seven layers.Rainbow people - rainbow silhouettes of human aura

Red = Etheric Body

Associated with touch/feeling. If this level is strong you have a healthy body & enjoy all of your five senses.

Orange = Emotional Body

If you are happy at your core level this Orange will be bright and swirling. If you have negative emotions or “baggage” this orange will be cloudy.

Yellow = Mental Body

Mental body is concerning your mental concepts in the rational world. It pulsates when you have an active & lively mind.

Green = Higher Mental Body

This concerns how you exist, merge, and interact with plants, people, animals, and the stars. This is also where you express your love & relationships. (Heart Chakra)

Turquoise = Spiritual Body

Correlated with your “Divine Will” and is the template for your Etheric Body.

Deep Blue = Causal Body

That is where we experience the spirit world, its influence and what it “causes” in our lives.

Violet = Ketheric Body

This links us to our Divine Mind, our higher truth, our super-counsciousness.

My Spiritual Advisor informed me that my overall aura color is lavender.

Although I recommend having your aura color read by a professional, I’m all about FUN. So, download this Aura Quiz below to discover you potential  aura color.

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