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December 2016

Nightly Cogitation ~ 12/30/16

“The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.”

– Swami Kripalu

What Black People Still Don’t Understand About Voting — Black Liberation Love of N Unity

What Black People Still Don’t Understand About Voting Many know that enslaved Africans were considered three-fifths human by the U.S. Constitution, but not many are aware of how the dehumanization of enslaved Africans set the stage for the institution that is currently used to elect the President and Vice President of the United States of […]

via What Black People Still Don’t Understand About Voting — Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Numerology Life Path Number 7

Add all the numbers in your date of birth:dd/mm/yyyy

d+d+m+m+y+y+y+y = add each digit from the number you came up with to get a single digit Continue reading “Numerology Life Path Number 7”

My definition of JOY. 🌻

Understand my passion and future career. The research is groundbreaking and needs to be discussed with the world.

I love this stone soooo much! 🔮💜! 😘✨

Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra

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Psychically, quartz is a powerful stone. It is used for psychic protection because it counters black magic and protects from negative energy. Quartz is very useful on the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision, and can be used to communicate with spirits and other worlds. Quartz is a stone that can access ancient wisdom and bring it into the present. It is a very good stone for astral travel, manifestation, scrying, channeling, dream recall and dream work.

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