When it comes to health, healing, and happiness, you might want to turn to an ancient form of healing: crystals.

Crystals have been used for centuries to improve health and happiness, to ease anxiety and stress, to uplift energy and mood and so much more. As different crystals provide different benefits, here’s a look at the top crystals to use for this particular purpose.


Turquoise is a gorgeous stone, appearing in an array of shades, from aqua blue to a light cerulean green. The beauty of this stone makes it one of the most popular – and, it’s been highly prized for thousands of years in a number of cultures, from Native Americans throughout North, Central and South America, to Egyptian royalty and beyond. It brings the wearer uplifting energy as well as helping to protect you from negativity. It’s considered so powerful that it can even influence others around you, making them feel happier too. If you have difficulty in social situations, wear it and you might find yourself feeling more confident and extroverted.

Rose Quartz

If you’re unhappy due to relationship problems or a lack of love in your life, you might want to consider wearing rose quartz or placing this pink crystal onto your nightstand near your bed. As it’s known to promote healthy romantic relationships, it can help improve your happiness in this manner as well as help you to heal from an abusive relationship – making you more open to new love as well as uplifting the spirit. It can dissolve any blockages to love and help develop, rebuild, and renew love as well as strengthen family unity, friendships, and all other relationships. Placed in your home, it will fill it with love and harmony.

Wear rose quartz, or hold it when you’re feeling emotionally troubled. It’s soothing and calming effects will bring forth peace and tranquility to lift your mood.


This beautiful “all purpose stone” that ranges from hues of light violet to lilac and a deep, rich purple, is known to provide clarity when one is confused, as well as to relieve anxiety and stress, all of which can increase happiness levels. It can also help cure insomnia, battle mood swings, encourage cell regeneration and strengthen immunity. Amethyst is meditative and calming, working with the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. Often used in crystal healing, it can help heal one from loss and grief, bringing about happiness, contentment, and peacefulness as well as boosting inner strength.

If you find that problems beyond your control are bringing about sadness or anxiety, use it to regain your balance, clarity, peace and self-confidence. It can help even in the darkest of times.


Jade is a particularly stunning stone as well as a powerful healing tool that can improve your physical well-being while calming emotions. Jade symbolizes purity and tranquility while bringing harmony to the wearer, helping to soothe the mind and release negative thoughts. It can even encourage you to become who you were really meant to be, which is one of the best ways to achieve true happiness.

This stone that is translucent to opaque and ranges from white to apple green or emerald green with tones of lavender, yellow, brown, red and blue, is also considered to be detoxifying helping to treat problems with the adrenal glands and kidneys while eliminating toxins. It’s often used in crystal healing to strengthen a weak immune system, relieve PTSD symptoms and improve lung problems. A stone of the heart, it’s linked to the heart chakra and offers beneficial effects on all heart chakra related issues, which means it’s known to enhance and attract love.


Citrine is a yellow stone that reflects bright lights and brings an abundance of happiness to those who wear it. It can help you feel like a child again, bringing about a greater passion for life and more carefree attitude, empowering you both physically and mentally while boosting energy and removing fatigue. This joyful stone can light up many aspects of the lives of those who wear or work with it, including promoting success in careers and bringing prosperity as well.

Natural Citrine is a stone of imagination and the mind, helping to improve concentration and focus as well as will-power and manifestation, carrying the power of the sun to provide warmth and comfort, stimulating the chakras and clearing the mind to awaken creativity and sustain the process of turning dreams into realities.

If you’re dealing with negative energy of any kind, this is a good stone to use as it can help combat it, clearing unwanted energies from your environment, at home or at work. It’s excellent for protection and won’t absorb any negative energies from its surroundings. Citrine is ideal for meditation use, spiritual development, and psychic growth too. It will stimulate

Blue Topaz

This attractive sky blue stone is known to promote abundance, joy and good fortune, as well as being a stone of communication. It can heighten your ability to communicate better and express yourself in a more meaningful way, whether you’re writing or speaking. If you have trouble with public speaking and have to face what can be a very difficult and anxiety-ridden situation by giving a speech, be sure to have it with you for strength – it may help you think clearer so that you can concentrate on the task at hand while easing nervousness.

Some even call blue topaz the “writing stone,” so if you’re suffering from writer’s block, you might want to keep this crystal on your desk. If you’re trying to connect with the spiritual world, it’s even said to aid you when you need to communicate what comes through.

Blue topaz is also an excellent crystal for healing many health issues – it improves digestion, strengthens the nerves, balances emotions and even triggers a rise in the metabolism that may help one lose weight. It can also release stress and tension so that you can relax better.


Moonstone is a stone renowned for its happiness, abundance, luck and love properties. If you’re very sensitive, this is an excellent crystal, as it will help to protect you from negative energy and dark spirits. It’s considered to be something that’s very personal as it is said to perceive that which really is, tuning into your deepest needs. It soothes stress, relieves anxiety and helps us to gain a better understanding of ourselves as a stone of calm and relief.

Physically, Moonstone is used in crystal healing to aid in absorbing nutrients, eliminate toxins, balancing hormones and stimulate the better functioning of the pineal gland. As it’s particularly good for females, helping in conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, it’s one of the best crystals to give a mom-to-be or a new mother. It enhances feminine energy, sensitivity, intuition and even psychic abilities.


This jet black crystal is ideal when you need strength, support, stamina, and protection. It’s a great one to have during a stressful situation, alleviating worries and fears as well as encouraging better decision-making. It’s also known to improve intuition and increase happiness while helping us when we need to give up bad habits. The stone helps us stay more grounded so we can focus and do what we need to get done. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time or any type of transition in life, this stone is one you should get, or give as a gift.

Physically, onyx is said to have the power to reduce inflammation, infections and help heal skin conditions.


Known as the artist’s stone, amazonite offers patience, trust, truth, and tolerance, as well as helping to improve communication. It provides especially soothing qualities, calming the brain and the nervous system, while also bringing balance into one’s life and aiding in dissolving blockages that arise from fear or trauma. It can boost confidence so that you can express yourself better in numerous ways, not only in speech but all types of self-expression, as well as enhancing creativity, hence the nickname, the artist’s stone. It can open your mind so that you see both sides of a problem, enabling you to make better decisions. It encourages compassion and can also help improve communication in love relationships.

Amazonite is known to aid the body in absorbing more calcium and therefore helping to improve conditions such as a lack of calcium in the diet, osteoporosis (a devastating bone disease), tooth decay, muscle spasms and even menstrual cramps.


If you’re feeling depressed and lack motivation for life, turn to Ruby, a symbol of vitality that will bring your spark back while relieving signs of depression and releasing destructive emotional patterns. It can help you learn to love yourself more, encourage passion, improve motivation and inspire you to set goals. It’s been known to restore one’s life force too while detoxifying the body, and support the heart, reproductive organs and lymph system.

What are some of your favorite crystals to raise your vibrations?

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