Do you have someone in your life that constantly drains you of your energy?

*smudges entire body with white sage while writing this post*


Sometimes the toxic people in your life are people who have been apart of your life the longest. FAMILY.

Here is what I know about toxic people. When you stay in a toxic relationship, you can’t grow. You will stall financially, emotionally, & spiritually. This too shall pass. Here’s how:

  1. Don’t play the game. Don’t answer the phone. Do not tell them your plans. Do not react to their toxicity. If you do decide to respond, diffuse the situation with matter-of-fact responses like “You could be right…” anything works but whatever you do don’t REACT, RESPOND. 
  2. Take your power back. Most times, toxic people will constantly remind you of all the things they have done for you or how hard it may be to do something for yourself. They often discourage you from trying things that make them uncomfortable. Start living for yourself. Become more independent. Things may not be as easy but trust me it will be fine. The exhale that happens when you begin to rid yourself of toxic people will be worth any sacrifices or mishaps that may arise. At least you are figuring it out for yourself.
  3. Stand firm. If you say something, stick to it. If you’ve decided to move forward, don’t look back. This allows people in your life to do the same or simply just leave you alone. People can only do what you ALLOW them to. Just say “NO”!


Always put your happiness first. You’re worth it.