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How to Deal With Toxic People

Do you have someone in your life that constantly drains you of your energy?

*smudges entire body with white sage while writing this post*

Sheesh. Continue reading “How to Deal With Toxic People”

Understand my passion and future career. The research is groundbreaking and needs to be discussed with the world.

My Aura Color is Lavender! (Lengthy Post)

Which just so happens to be my favorite color. Coincidence? I think not!

“Lavender” Personalities

The following are the qualities and action words associated with Lavender personalities: Continue reading “My Aura Color is Lavender! (Lengthy Post)”

Perceiving The Human Aura (Quiz Below)


As humans, we are functioning in the 49th Octave of Vibration. Below this range is visible heat and “invisible” infrared waves, television waves, sound, and brain waves. Our “Auric” field and subtle energies are colored by our personal strengths, weaknesses, health, happiness,love/hate, and how we cooperate with our spiritual life. If you remember that you are a beam of light you will be more open, understanding, and vital to the Earth. Continue reading “Perceiving The Human Aura (Quiz Below)”

Black Lives Matter

Trying not to live in fear & paranoia of losing my black & brown loved ones.
It’s becoming more difficult. 

It’s becoming more terrifying.

My anxiety is creeping in. 

AND If I were to see a psychiatrist I’m sure I would be diagnosed with something stating that I am atypical & put on heavy medication.  
It’s not me. Is it? Am I crazy? Too sensitive? Too compassionate? Too aware?

You’re Not Depressed,You’re B-Vitamin Deficient.

The pharmaceutical industry is a $300 Billion industry with depression being the most common diagnosis amongst adults. My dilemma with the medical industry is their push towards over medicating patients. In my opinion, most forms of depression can be cured holistically. Your diet directly impacts your mental and emotional health. Sometimes we need medication BUT most times we need B VITAMINS. Yea, I said it. Because, ya know, food IS medicine. Let me explain. Continue reading “You’re Not Depressed,You’re B-Vitamin Deficient.”

Your Mind Is Making You Sick! Mantras & Psychosomatic Disorders

Did you know that your mind can cause physiological changes to occur within your body & alter your health? Yes, in real life!  Psychosomatic Disorders, also known as mind (psyche) & body (soma) diseases, are characterized by symptoms of physical illness that are initiated & intensified by mental triggers. What are these mental triggers you ask? You can say them with me, STRESS & ANXIETY! Continue reading “Your Mind Is Making You Sick! Mantras & Psychosomatic Disorders”

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