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Nightly Cogitation 4/14/19

Everyday I get wiser and I make positive changes in my life.

Understand my passion and future career. The research is groundbreaking and needs to be discussed with the world.

Black Lives Matter

Trying not to live in fear & paranoia of losing my black & brown loved ones.
It’s becoming more difficult. 

It’s becoming more terrifying.

My anxiety is creeping in. 

AND If I were to see a psychiatrist I’m sure I would be diagnosed with something stating that I am atypical & put on heavy medication.  
It’s not me. Is it? Am I crazy? Too sensitive? Too compassionate? Too aware?

Your Mind Is Making You Sick! Mantras & Psychosomatic Disorders

Did you know that your mind can cause physiological changes to occur within your body & alter your health? Yes, in real life!  Psychosomatic Disorders, also known as mind (psyche) & body (soma) diseases, are characterized by symptoms of physical illness that are initiated & intensified by mental triggers. What are these mental triggers you ask? You can say them with me, STRESS & ANXIETY! Continue reading “Your Mind Is Making You Sick! Mantras & Psychosomatic Disorders”

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